Dark Inside  - Jeyn Roberts 4.5 stars :)This book is not for the faint-hearted. The scenes in this book are extremely violent, heart wrenching, and completely fucked up. And I loved every minute of it!I went into this novel thinking it was going to be your typical zombie-apocalypse story. But it wasn't. The creatures in this book are not zombies. They are humans. And they are seriously terrifying.As earthquakes seem to break out across the world, so does violence. People -ordinary citizens like police officers, mothers, fathers- have gone crazy and start to murder each other, ripping people out of their own houses and shooting them point-blank.Imagine being a teenager and losing everyone you loved and cared for. Now imagine losing them in the most horrific ways possible. Imagine having no one to turn to for comfort or support. Remember: your local law enforcement have become murderous monsters, your entire family is either dead or crazy, your friends are dead or missing. And if you go home, you'll be dead, too.The way Ms. Roberts conveys the sorrows and fears of the four (yes, I said FOUR!) main characters stole my attention from page one. Often alternating POVs can become quite confusing, but Roberts writes the book in third person, making it a lot easier to navigate.Now, this book wasn't without its flaws. I found some scenes went too fast, or too slow. It didn't stop me from reading, because as I said, I was enthralled from the first page. The ending is what I took the .5 stars off the review for. It seemed a bit rushed, and the tone was a little too happy-go-lucky from the rest of the doom-and-gloom of the book. But the very last person ? we hear from got me SUPER excited for what I hope will be a second book!*This ARC was kindly provided to me from Simon & Schuster Publishing :)