The Immortal Rules - Julie Kagawa *This ARC was kindly provided to me from HarlequinTEEN through Netgalley*Unlike many other readers, I really didn't like Kagawa's Fey Series. My main problem with it was the main character, Meghan. I found her to be weak and altogether unlikeable, so it made it hard to me to actually like the book. So it was with reluctance that I picked up the Immortal Rules and I was surprised by how much I liked it.The main character, Allison (or Allie), is a strong-willed and independant young woman. She looks out not only for herself, but for the ones she cares for, too. She was also a BAMF! I really liked her and thought she was a well-rounded character.A lot of people are complaining about the middle of the story dragging on, but I found that I was so engrossed in the story, I didn't even notice. The way Kagawa explains the environments and details completely immersed me into this post-apocalyptic world.Now, for all the praise I'm giving this book- it's not without flaws. I take notice to the way authors use words, and the amount of time they use them. I felt that Kagawa overused the words "hiss" and "growled" to the point where I sometimes didn't get the full effect of what they were intended to give. I also felt like the book could have ended much sooner than it did, giving that some of the ending be reserved for the next book, because it felt sort of rushed.One more thing I noted: Allison is born in a post-apocolyptic world, one where she only knows about survival and nothing about the world before her. It is mentioned several times throughout the book that she doesn't know the names of things that are (what we consider to be) modern- but other times she specifically names things (I think) that she really shouldn't know the name of. It was just an inconsistency that sort of bugged me.Overall, I found The Immortal Rules to be a pleasantly surprising read. I was engrossed in the story and I found all the characters to be entertaining. I'm glad that I decided to give Kagawa a second chance, and I definitely look forward to the next installment in the series!