The Shadow Reader (Shadow Reader, #1) - Sandy Williams I'm not sure if I'll ever get around to finish this book. Let me tell you why:1. Although the plot was intriguing, the world-building, characters, and relationships were not.2. I got to page 156. Out of those pages, Ms. Williams said the word "fissure" (and variations of the word) ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-SIX TIMES. That's more than half of what I read. I would know. I highlighted every time she said it. Because after saying it 4, sometimes 5 freaking times on one page, I started to notice. (I get that the word was important to the story, but thesaurus, anyone?)3. I couldn't stand McKenzie. All the did was complain and get her ass handed to her. I like strong female protagonists- not whiny little bitches.4. Where was the world building?5. Love triangle. Enough said.6. One of the character's name's was 'Kyol' which reminded me all too much of a horribly annoying fox named 'Kiyo.'