Dearly, Departed - Lia Habel I had a love/hate relationship with this book. When I won this from Firstreads, I was really surprised because when I got the book because I hadn't seen the e-mail they sent me :P But anyways, this book's premise was awesome. Steampunk/zombie/romance novel? I'm all in.But it had it's flaws. The first thing I noted was the point of view. It was in the first person p.o.v. but the chapters alternated from character to character, and made it REALLY confusing to read sometimes. Some of the scenes/lines were a bit cheesy. As in, seriously corny. Also, I really would've liked to hear more details about the surroundings and such.One thing I found was that I really disliked the "main" character (seeing as how there were quite a few, but the book focuses mainly on her) Nora. I actually liked her friend, Pamela, way more. Nora was too accepting to what happens, whereas Pamela's reactions seemed a lot more... normal.