Tyger Tyger  - Kersten Hamilton I waited far too long to read this book. I had read only good reviews about it but never got the chance to actually buy it. But when I did, boy did I love it!I was in the mood for some fantasy, but something I had never really read about before. The author's take on goblins was definitely different from any other book I've read-- in a good way. The world she created was so enthralling I felt like I was actually there with the characters.And the characters! I loved them all! My favorite was Teagan's (the protag) little brother, Aiden. He was just so adorable, I could have just eaten him up. But that would be cannibalism.. wait, no, I still would have. He was just that cute :)This book had all the right elements: fantasy, *some* romance, and great characters/plot/writing/world building. I am excited to see what will happen next, and hope that the next installment will be just as good :)