Impossible - Nancy Werlin Why haven't I reviewed this book? Oh yeah, because I hated it. I just voted for this on the list "Beautiful Covers Hiding Awful Books" ... does that say anything to you? I was very interested in the premises, and it sounded promising, but I started to read it and it was just a bunch of bullshit. It's built along the lines of some old song, and let me tell you: every line in this song has something to do with the story. And not in a good way. The author puts in irrelevant crap just to make it go along with the song. And the love interest? Can you say wtf? So I get that they knew each other since childhood, but they were separated for years. Not to mention this kid was what, four? years older than her and a complete creep. So then they go off and have sex, then have a baby... AND GET MARRIED. Did I mention they had only been back together (after childhood) FOR TWO WEEKS? Ugh, so yeah. I really loathed this book. I wouldn't recommend it to anybody.