Touch of the Demon - Diana Rowland

What in the actual fuck was that? I am not impressed on where this series is going, and it used to be my favorite.


I started this book about five different times before I gave up and didn't come back to it until I listened to it on audio. It was hard enough listening to the whole thing, because it was so god damn BORING the whole fucking time that I just wanted it to be over. I used to like this series because Kara was a ~*strong independent woman*~ but I felt like all she did was depend on men in this book.


I mean, she is betrayed by one demonic lord and is literally fucking another one by the end. She even admits to trusting him after barely knowing him... YOU WERE JUST RAPED BY ONE DEMONIC LORD AND YOU ALREADY TRUST ANOTHER? [/spoiler] No. Just, no. Also, I used to find Kara funny and endearing, but she was horribly annoying in this installment. I swear she said "I could feel my cop senses tingling" more than I could count and I was about to go hulk on her ass if she said it one more time!


I haven't been this mad since I read Shadow Heir *shudder* and that was a whole other debacle. DIANA ROWLAND, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO RUIN SUCH A GREAT THING?