Nevermore  - Kelly Creagh

I didn't like Nevermore. No, scratch that. I hated Nevermore.

Reading the blurb, I figured this book would be awesome. I am a E.A. Poe fangirl, and hearing all the hype about this book made me want it that much more. I thought the concept was interesting- but it wasn't pieced together well enough for me. It was choppy, boring, and slow- with most of the "action" held within the last chapter.

Poe is notoriously known for his "darker" writings, so I expected this to be darker than it actually was. I don't think a cheerleader fits into this category. I hated Isobel. She was such a stereotypical popular-blond-girl-meets-edgy-guy-then-gets-mocked-and-falls-in-love character that it made me want to vomit. And her "relationship" with Varen? Where was the progression there? Varen barely said anything in the whole novel but nonetheless, Isobel fell madly in love with him. The thing that bothered me the most was that she just happened to decide one day that she loved him.

By the end of the book I was skipping paragraphs to finish (which is NEVER a good thing). Creagh seemed to add a bunch of unnecessary details. I really, really did not like this book. Everything about it struck a major chord with me. If you're going to base a book on one of the masters of literature, you better do it right... or don't do it at all.

Updated review on November 16, 2011