The Moon and More - Sarah Dessen A general synopsis of [almost] every Sarah Dessen book: A young, privileged white girl lives in a small community where everybody knows everyone, yet she still ends up being somewhat of a loner. She [usually] has a boyfriend at the beginning of the book but, surprise, surprise, ends up with another boy by the end of it. Seemingly nothing happens throughout the book, but somehow, our main character reaches a revelation and is changed forever. That about sums up a Sarah Dessen book, and [b:The Moon and More|16101126|The Moon and More|Sarah Dessen||19144117] is no exception.Now, I've been reading Dessen's books since I was in middle school, so I've had a soft spot for her books. But her last few have just not been the same as her first books. They've just been repetitive and altogether boring, with no plot and little to no character development. I can say with assurance this will be the last book I'll read by her.The characters in [b:The Moon and More|16101126|The Moon and More|Sarah Dessen||19144117] were so bland and boring I literally found myself not caring about any of them, even the side characters. I felt like Dessen added "quirks" to the characters in order to make them "well-developed", but it didn't feel that way to me. It felt like she just assigned certain traits to them in order for them to feel different from the characters in her other books, because they're essentially the same. Also, instead of a plot, we're given this watered down daily routine of the main character, Emaline. Needless to say, it's incredibly yawn-worthy.The only saving grace in this book is that it hit home a bit for me. Without going into much detail, my parents are divorced and I have a similar relationship with my own father that Emaline does in the book. I gave it an extra star for this reason. Now, I'm not saying that this is a terrible book, because it's not, I just didn't like it. I felt it was boring, repetitive, and much too long for what it is.