Unwind - Neal Shusterman I'll be honest: I don't get the hype over this book. Sure, it was well written and had an interesting concept, but it just didn't do what it seems to have done for other readers. I see a lot of reviewers throwing around words like "horrifying," "sick," "incredible," and the like, but I don't see it. Here's a list of what I noted:-This is suppose to be a dystopian novel, but I didn't really get the feeling that it was. It felt more like an alternate plane of existence than years in the distant future. Maybe it's because I'm used to the whole end of the world/decrepit land feel, but it felt too much like it was set in the present time to be a dystopian novel.-The characters were interesting, but I didn't have any particular emotional attachment to them.-What happened at the end with Connor? Totally saw that one coming. Not nearly as shocking as the author intended it to be.-Okay, maybe I'm a bit desensitized by gore and the like, but this book didn't seem to sicken me like it did to others. I admit that the Unwinding process (when explained) was pretty gruesome, but it felt like more of a medical explanation than anything else. I felt like I was reading a step-by-step account of the surgery from the patient.-The name Hunphree Dunfee? SERIOUSLY?! It's so cheesy that I actually laughed at it (and I'm sure it wasn't meant to make you laugh.)Anyways, despite it's flaws, I found it interesting enough to stick with it and possibly read the next installment. (Although, I might not be running to grab a copy.)