I Hunt Killers - Barry Lyga

I'd say more a 3.5 for me. I don't really want to go into a huge review for this one, but there was just something about this book that didn't click with me. It wasn't the gore, or the violence, because I have a pretty high tolerance for those... I just can't pinpoint it.Things I liked:-Jasper's Grandma. She was hilarious and crazy and conniving all rolled into one fragile human being.-I actually did enjoy reading about the mind of a serial killer, it's very interesting. Even the gory bits ;)-The writing was pretty good, too. It flows nicely and Lyga uses a lot of imagery.Things I disliked:-The ending. Okay, so "Dear Old Dad" decides to break out of a high security prison... with no problems at all. That's extremely hard to believe.-I felt like the Impressionist was used as an afterthought in the ending, also. His "capture" gets clouded by Billy's escape pretty quickly and is over just as fast.-The mystery was a bit meh.