Fractured Moon (Steel, #1) - E.R. Pierce I have to admit- I haven't read that many werewolf books, so I'm not that well versed in werewolf lore. I'm familiar with the fated-to-be-mated thing, but I've never read a story based on it. It was interesting to read about the way Aurelia and Ceithin's relationship would progress. From the moment they meet, there is most certainly an undeniable chemistry between the two.If you're looking for some steamy sex- this book has definitely got it. All the sexual tension builds, and when the two finally get together- it's explosive. In a really, really good way ;)The ending is when things really get interesting. The first half of the book focuses mainly on the attraction between Aurelia and Ceithin, and the second half is when shit goes down! I can't say what happens, but it's exciting and gets your blood pumping.I feel like there was something missing from the story, though. Literally. I think some authors get so caught up in their story, that they leave some things out by mistake. I felt like Ms. Pierce got so excited about explaining some things that she forgot to add little tidbits to the actual story. Nothing important- I just got confused at some parts while reading. But that may just be me :POverall, Pierce's debut novel was a very fun and interesting read. I enjoyed Aurelia's story and look forward to hearing more about her life with Ceithin :)